Vernon Baptist Church was first established on November 12, 1989, as Vernon Baptist Mission. On September 13, 1991, Vernon Baptist Mission filed for a non-prophet corporation with the State of Texas under the leadership of L.M. Brothers, A.L. Hicks, and Hubert C. Barnes. On October 2, 1991, the State of Texas granted non-profit corporation status to Vernon Baptist Mission.

On March 3, 1996, the congregation was called to order by Interim Pastor Rev. Sam Tullock. The purpose of the meeting was to receive a recommendation for a proposed amendment to its Corporation Charter to change the name of Vernon Baptist Mission to Vernon Baptist Church. The resolution was presented to the congregation, and it was favorably passed by more than two-thirds vote that Vernon Baptist Mission would be changed to Vernon Baptist Church. On March 6, 1996, the State of Texas approved the name change.

Vernon Baptist Church is a Bible-based traditional Baptist Church that supports its original heritage in Baptist Missions. We are one of the few churches that still participate in corporate worship by singing together using the Baptist Hymnal. The preaching style at Vernon Baptist Church is timeless verse by verse expository preaching. We hold to traditional and historical Baptist distinctive. We are affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

What Is Baptist Distinctive?

·   The Authority of Scripture

·   The Priesthood of All Believers

·   The Autonomy of the Local Church

·  Ordinances of Believers Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

·   Separation of Church and State